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Samuel Forster


Samuel is a beleaguered freelancer and retired armchair philosopher at the University of Toronto’s Centre for Ethics. A native of the cowboy province, he is now a Laurentian flâneur.

Hugo Terrible

Copy Editor

Monsieur Terrible was born under the Jacques Cartier Bridge during a full moon. Decades later, the team at Banter Magazine deputized his unfortunate soul. He writes, he edits, he sings, but most importantly, he sins.

Cole Henry Forster

Managing Editor

Cole is an intellectual drifter, editorial tramp, and wandering court jester. You can usually find him walking the main in Montréal looking for the next fashion trend or some empties.

Cameron Vilcsak

Roving Editor

Cam can build anything with his two strong hands and Rocky Mountain spirit. Based in Vancouver, he keeps ear to the pavement out on the best coast.

Marjolaine Tremblay

Culture Columnist

Originally from Toulouse, Marjolaine studied literature at Sorbonne University in Paris before beginning a publishing career in Montreal. Her love of villanelles is rivalled only by her love of an earthy Courbu noir. She’s also totally not pretentious… like… at all…

Adriana Delgado Flores

Creative Lead

The best thing ever imported from Mexico (yes, including avocados). CDMX misses her, but we'd miss her more. Adriana has a lumberjack's appetite for making the internet sexier. If you have a problem with her call our HR department.


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