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Banter Magazine is an emerging indie outlet focusing on iconoclasts, rebels, public intellectuals, artists, creative thinkers of all types, and the cultural happenings of the universe.

Cole Henry Forster

Managing Editor

Cole is an intellectual drifter, editorial tramp, and wandering court jester. You can usually find him walking the main in Montréal looking for the next fashion trend or some empties.


Keaton Lockwood

Creative Director

Keaton is an Edmonton-based designer with a penchant for smashing aesthetic orthodoxy. When he isn't creating art, he's tinkering with his motorcycle or exploring the backcountry.


Samuel Forster


Samuel is a beleaguered freelancer and retired armchair philosopher at the University of Toronto’s Centre for Ethics. A native of the cowboy province, he is now a Laurentian flâneur.



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